The need for expert advice

An expert actuary can provide plaintiffs and defendants with a professional opinion on the grounds for any claim and quantify any loss suffered. The appointment of an appropriately qualified, experienced and credible expert can be crucial to the outcome of a case.

Often a case will turn on the question of what the normal practices and procedures are in a particular set of circumstances. This requires a reliance on the evidence of an expert with specialist understanding and knowledge of often technically complex issues. The expert’s ability to convey specialist knowledge to the instructing solicitor and ultimately a judge or arbitration panel is also of paramount importance.

Our expert witness actuaries have considerable experience and a credible track record in giving expert evidence in court, with a particular focus on pension and investment related matters.

The types of cases we are typically involved in include:

  • Corporate pension schemes
  • Individual pension agreements
  • Company restructuring
  • Family law cases
  • Employment Appeals Tribunal cases

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